Ministry wants building height limit of 21 meters around Acropolis


The height limit of buildings constructed in the vicinity of the Acropolis in central Athens should be reduced to no more than 21 meters, according to a recommendation submitted by the Environment Minister Kostis Hatzidakis to the Central Council of Urban Affairs and Disputes (KESYPOTHA), which convened on Thursday.

The recommendation, which seeks to ensure that views of the Acropolis are not obstructed, also said that the height of buildings in a zone along Syngrou Avenue should be reduced to 27 meters.

Current legislation stipulates that the buildings can reach up to 32 meters and in some cases even higher.

The recent decision calling for the demolition of two floors on a building on Falirou Street near the Acropolis was seen to have set a precedent, establishing a maximum allowable height for buildings in the surrounding area.