Stricter penalties for traffic violations in the works

As part of the effort to boost road safety in the Greek capital and its environs, the Citizen Protection Ministry is reportedly drafting a plan to deploy more traffic police and stricter enforcement of regulations and penalties for traffic code violations.

Ban on tables, chairs on central Panepistimiou Avenue

No new permits will be issued for the placement of table and chairs on central Panepistimiou Avenue while the existing ones will be revoked for the next two years, according to a decision on Monday by the Athens City Council. “We are working harmoniously with the majority of professionals who respect the legality; however, we […]

Is Omonia about to become livable again?

A middle-aged German couple walk along Tritis Septemvriou Street towards Omonia Square. Strolling nonchalantly along, they talk and laugh in an animated manner, seeming to enjoy the hot Athenian sun. If the Omonia Square fountains weren’t in the way, they’d be able to see the Acropolis.

After Panepistimiou Street

I have observed the following: After the fiasco of the redevelopment of Panepistimiou Street in central Athens – the so-called Grand Walk – any project announced by the Municipality of Athens stumbles upon the suspicion of a portion of citizens regardless of their political leanings.

Climate change: Saving Athens from itself

As heatwaves – like the ones Greece has been experiencing this summer – become longer and more intense, modern cities need to develop new strategies and a practical toolkit to deal with the new challenges.

Paving of Athens thoroughfares to end next week

The repaving of Syngrou and Kifissos avenues in Athens which is currently taking place during the night hours will be completed before August 10, the Attica Regional Authority said on Thursday.

Plaudits for Archaeological Museum upgrade plans

The project to expand and upgrade the National Archaeological Museum in Athens claimed second spot in the international list of the 10 largest – based on budget – announced cultural projects, according to the Cultural Infrastructure Index.

Mayors protest building law

Several mayors have risen up against legislation allowing taller buildings in many areas provided they meet certain environmental standards. The mayors claim that this legislation, voted in 2012 and 2021, will degrade the urban environment in their cities and that the coexistence of buildings of various heights “distorts” the building environment. Returning to the previous […]

Double parking adds to urban traffic congestion

In a bid to tackle the scourge of double parking, traffic police will soon be unleashed in Athens and other major urban centers with tablets to identify offenders and directly calculate the fines, which will be transmitted directly to TAXISnet. 

Frustrating delays in Panepistimiou Avenue redevelopment

The much-touted redevelopment of Panepistimiou Avenue as part of the Grand Walk, a series of pedestrian paths and bicycle lanes introduced on central thoroughfares in downtown Athens, is stalling three years after work began.