Greeks’ driving attitudes poor, but showing slight improvement


Nearly half of Greeks feel fine about driving when they’re tired and a quarter will get behind the wheel after consuming more than the permitted amount of alcohol, a recent Eurobarometer survey has found.

Carried out in cooperation with Fondation Vinci Autorontes using 2019 data, the European Commission survey on the attitude of motorists found that 48% of Greek respondents said that are prepared to drive even though they’re tired and facing a long journey, while 24% admitted to finding it okay to drive under the influence of alcohol.

While high compared against other countries in the European Union where such behavior is not tolerated – like Slovakia where only 3% of respondents would consider driving under the influence of alcohol or The Netherlands where 23% would drive tired – the responses show an improvement from 2017 of 7% in attitudes towards taking the wheel while tired and of 4% towards drunk driving.

Belgians also rate poorly on the issue of drunk driving with a response rate of 23%, while the Poles posted the highest rate, 47%, on the issue of driving while tired.

On the upside, Greeks showed a more responsible attitude towards the possibility of driving under the influence of medicines, with 7%, against France, Spain and Belgium, where 11% said they would drive after having taken medication that could impair their reflexes and judgement.