Public universities a breeding ground for entrepreneurs

More than 52% (180) of 346 young, successful, innovative entrepreneurs active in Greece and abroad have earned undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from at least one public university in the country, according to, a professional services comparison company.

Teens agree less cell use, better grades

Two out of three teenagers think that if they used their mobile phones less they would perform better at school, according to the finds of a survey of 2,291 high school students and graduates by the Poukamisas Educational Center, seeking to assess their relationship with their devices and the impact in and out of school.

Greeks want more women and technocrats in politics

Greeks have revised their view regarding technocratic governments, according to a Pew Institute poll of 24 nations for 2023, which found that support for expert cabinet members in Greece climbed by 25% in the last five years.

The shift in sentiment from skepticism to mutual trust

Greek-American relations are experiencing a “golden age” right now, US analyst and senior fellow for national security and international policy at the Center for American Progress Alan Makovsky told Kathimerini.

Macron the foreign leader most trusted by Greeks, Kathimerini survey finds

French President Emmanuel Macron is the foreign leader Greeks trust the most, with 33% expressing confidence in his stance and role on Greek issues, according to a nationwide survey conducted by Pulse on behalf of Kathimerini newspaper. Based on the findings, US President Joe Biden follows with 22%, while Russian President Vladimir Putin takes third […]

Most Greeks view US stance positively, poll finds

The majority of Greek citizens positively assess the United States’ stance toward Greece, believing that the US would conduct a “diplomatic and restrained” intervention in the event of a Greek-Turkish crisis. Notably, Greek citizens favor President Joe Biden over likely Republican candidate Donald Trump in the run-up to the US elections this November. Lastly, the […]

Work-life balance key priority for Greek workers, survey finds

One in two Greeks say they would be willing to leave a job if it prevented them from enjoying their life, according to findings from Randstad’s annual Workmonitor survey which showed that financial rewards are no longer the sole focus for local workers.

How shrinking populations fuel divisive politics

In the 2000 film “Almost Famous,” Cameron Crowe’s comedy-drama about rock musicians in the 1970s, the character played by Zooey Deschanel gives her younger brother some advice. “Listen to ‘Tommy’ with a candle burning, and you’ll see your whole future,” she says.

Cars, the number one enemy of pedestrians

The growing need for parking has made it legal in almost all Athens streets and where it is not allowed it is done illegally at the expense of pavements and squares.

Greeks opt for costly items

A few months ago, the Competition Commission found that multinationals sell detergents for much higher prices in Greece than in most European countries.

Outpatient care system found lacking by study

Six in 10 patients say they don’t feel their care plan is organized around all of their health and wellness needs, describing an outpatient care system that does not ensure continuity in care, according to the conclusions of the pilot phase of a study by the Health Services Organization and Evaluation Laboratory of the University of Athens in collaboration with the Organization for Quality Assurance in Health and the Health Ministry within the framework of the OECD’s transnational PaRIS program.