Migration Ministry says has ‘no knowledge’ of critical report, refutes alleged cost of camp


Greece’s Migration Ministry said on Friday it had “no knowledge” of a report by an international organization castigating its policy on and handling of migration, responding to a news story published in Kathimerini.

It said the same applied to the UΝ refugee agency (UNHCR), and the International Organisation for migration (IOM).

The leaked report claimed that there were signs of financial mismanagement in the construction of a new reception facility in Malakasa, and poor policy planning, which has resulted in an inefficient response to the migration crisis in Greece.

Concerning the claims made about the camp in Malakasa, the ministry said the construction of a temporary facility cost 23 percent less than the existing one, despite the fact it had additional technical characteristics (double fencing, etc.) and that it was built in the middle of the pandemic.

It said the total cost was 2,330 euros per resident, while the corresponding project under the previous SYRIZA administration cost 3,050 euros per resident.

As to the choices in how to deal with the refugee crisis, “it is natural” that there would be different views between the ministry and international organizations and NGOs.