Coronavirus: Development minister announces further easing of lockdown measures


Deputy Development and Investments Minister Nikos Papathanassis on Wednesday announced the further easing of Covid-19 restrictions.

According to Papathanassis, as of June 6 restaurants and other catering businesses can open indoor areas based on a specific health-safety protocol, including dining areas in hotels.

This will be followed by the opening on June 15 of, among others, seasonal hotels, gyms, events in museums and therapeutic spas. Scheduled on June 29 is the re-opening of the children's summer camps, while concerts, congresses and exhibitions will be allowed from July 1.

Papathanassis also announced that an estimated 89,000 employees will return to their work places between June 6 and July 1, a figure that represents 13 percent of employees placed on job furloughs due to the coronavirus.

The minister clarified that canteens in schools, indoor cinemas, casinos and social centres for elderly will remain closed.