Cyclist attacked by pack of dogs in Seih Sou forest


Local authorities in the northern port city of Thessaloniki have sounded the alarm over the increasing frequency of stray dogs attacking people.

According to reports on Thursday, the latest incident was last Monday, when a cyclist was attacked by a pack of 10 dogs in the Seih Sou forest.

“I would have been killed if a car hadn’t passed by and helped me,” he said.

The attack on the cyclist followed the death in March of a 65-year-old man in the same forest.

Other attacks since then in the forests and recreational areas on the city’s outskirts led to the hospitalization of at least one victim.

Dozens of less violent attacks have also taken place.

According to the law, local municipalities are responsible for strays, and ways to tackle the problem have been discussed by local authorities, with suggestions on the table including the creation of municipal shelters, veterinary clinics, and the imposition of fines for those who abandon dogs.