Greek PM bemoans Turkish provocations, hopes for ‘sustainable’ Cyprus solution


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Monday condemned Turkey’s increasingly provocative behavior in the Eastern Meditteranean, however reiterating Greek support for efforts to resume peace talks on ethnically-split Cyprus.

His comments came on the 46th anniversary of Cyprus’ invasion by Turkish troops.

“The illegal occupation of European territory has now been exacerbated by successive aggressive acts that challenge the sovereign rights of Greece and the Republic of Cyprus,” Mitsotakis said.

Accusing Turkey of undermining stability and security in the Mediterranean, the Greek premier said that the country’s recent decision to convert Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia into a mosque had exemplified that Turkey was drifting away from European values.

Mitsotakis said Greece would react with maturity and determination, while expressing hope that talks would resume to reach a “sustainable settlement” on Cyprus.