Athens and Ankara can settle differences via diplomacy, says Turkey’s presidential spokesman


Greece and Turkey can resolve their differences “within the framework of mutual respect,” Turkey’s presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin has said, however stressing that Ankara will not compromise on its interests in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean.

“There are certainly issues on which there is a difference of opinion. After all, this is why negotiations take place; to solve these problems via diplomacy,” Kalin told broadcaster NTV.

“We believe that we can solve these problems in the framework of mutual respect. The Aegean issue, the islands issue, the continental shelf, the issue of maritime responsibilities, the issue of exploration and drilling in the contentious areas of the Eastern Mediterranean, the issue regarding the election of muftis (Muslim religious leaders) in Greece, the issue of the mosque in Greece, and all other issues,” he said.

“We can easily solve all these issues with Greece. As two neighboring countries with a constructive stance and a strong, visionary leadership, we can solve these problems,” Kalin said.

At the same time, he stressed that Ankara would not make any unjustified concessions.

“No one should expect Turkey to ever compromise on its rights and interests. We will carry on with determination,” he said.