Local lockdowns not ruled out as infections rise


Authorities and scientists have sounded the alarm following the continuous daily increase in the number of new coronavirus cases recorded last week.

With the effectiveness of the measures taken under evaluation, local lockdowns and restrictions like those on the Saronic island of Poros as of last Friday remain a strong possibility.

“We have a clear spike in the disease and a steady increase in cases with levels above 70-80 and 100 in the last 10 days,” said infectious disease specialist and member of the Covid-19 Committee of Experts Charalambos Gogos.

In part, he said, the spike is due to outbreaks in specific areas of higher contagion which on some days even account for 50% of recorded cases.

“So in a way we can say that there is an overestimation of the situation, without however changing the fact that we have a generalized spread of the virus in the community and throughout the territory,” the professor of internal medicine said.