08.04.2021 / 11:44

Despite what were described as serious objections raised by one-third of the members of the committee of health experts that advises the government on Covid-19 matters, the reopening of senior levels of high school across the country on Monday was decided on Wednesday after a majority vote.

06.04.2021 / 15:26

National Vaccination Committee President Maria Theodoridou advised calm ahead of the European Medicines Agency’s upcoming assessment on whether the AstraZeneca vaccine is associated with the development of thrombosis and thrombocytopenia.

01.04.2021 / 09:29

Retail trade will reopen on Monday with shoppers being allowed to order products remotely and collect them from outside stores (click-away) or book an appointment to go to a shop (click-in-shop).

31.03.2021 / 08:21

Despite expectations that the pandemic’s momentum will slow down in April, new records were set Tuesday regarding the daily number of coronavirus cases and intubations. 

23.03.2021 / 08:25

With the situation in public hospitals in Attica described as dramatic, 206 private doctors drafted by the Health Ministry are expected to present themselves at public hospitals on Tuesday.

20.03.2021 / 12:10

Testing the waters for a gradual reopening of the economy even as coronavirus numbers continue to rise, the Greek government on Friday announced a tentative easing of lockdown measures and a significant ramping up of testing.

19.03.2021 / 08:11

With new coronavirus cases and patients on ventilators at record levels, hospitals are struggling to keep beds and intensive care units available.

18.03.2021 / 08:20

A record number of daily coronavirus infections, 3,465, and a record number of patients on ventilators, 630, is worrying the government, which has asked doctors working in private clinics or private practice to volunteer to help overburdened National Health System hospitals.