15.02.2024 / 13:15

The shortage of anesthesiologists at Thessaloniki hospitals has led to surgery waiting times of up to two years. “In Thessaloniki, only 50% of anesthesiologist positions at hospitals are filled,” Aikaterini Amaniti, president of the Society of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Medicine of Northern Greece, told Kathimerini.

26.01.2024 / 15:32

The last three years have seen an increase in the number of transplants in Greece, with 2023 being the best year in the last 15 years in terms of organ supply.

18.01.2024 / 11:19

According to Georgiades, the performance of the administrators will be judged, among other things, on whether they adhere to the budgets approved by the ministry this year as of January 10, instead of mid-year which was the norm in all previous years. “These budgets, which have been based on the actual spending you did last year, must be adhered to. And the responsibility rests with you. We will be watching. Administrations that I will see month after month that fall short of the budget can know now that they will not continue,” the minister noted.

16.01.2024 / 16:17

As part of the effort to reduce patients’ waiting time for operations in Greece, the National Health Service (ESY) will on February 1 introduce a digital filing system for hospitals’ scheduled surgeries and their order of priority.

28.12.2023 / 20:26

The triple onslaught of Covid-19, which began in early December, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) has intensified in the last week due to large Christmas gatherings, with health experts stressing “we are only at the beginning.”

24.12.2023 / 09:04

Last month almost half of the ESY hospitals increased their orders for about 20 pharmaceutical items by more than 200% compared to the corresponding orders of previous months.

19.12.2023 / 11:56

The pandemic appears to have produced a demand for more expensive stays in public hospitals. Covid-19’s first year disrupted a period of hospital operating expense control by boosting costs by up to 28.4% per hospital day, according to the key findings of a study for the analysis of the financial dimensions of public hospitals of […]

07.12.2023 / 21:40

Greece has among the highest antibiotics consumption among EU countries, ranking third in 2021 behind Romania and Bulgaria, with three times the consumption of Austria, which is last in the rankings.

28.11.2023 / 07:48

Experts at the Greek Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals (KETHEA) are warning that the shisha drug, which caused the death of a 16-year-old girl in Athens last week, has spread as a recreational narcotic for young people.

16.11.2023 / 10:21

Pharmacists are urging people at high risk of contracting severe influenza to get the flu shot. This is essential, they stressed, to develop immunity before the start of the flu season, expected in mid- to late December.