Unvaccinated healthcare workers who were removed from their jobs for refusing to get the Covid-19 shots will be allowed to return to their posts before the end of the year, Health Minister Thanos Plevris announced on Monday.


24.09.2022 / 19:14

A worryingly high mortality rate among intravenous drug users, which far exceeds the corresponding data from Western countries, has been recorded in recent years in Greece, according to a study.

06.08.2022 / 10:24

The vast majority of public health units on the small Aegean islands are struggling to cope as the limited number of doctors are forced to be on call every day, without a day off and generally without the chance to rest in order to cope with the needs of the population.

05.08.2022 / 09:15

The Hellenic Society for the Study & Research of Aging is calling on the state, the academic community, the medical world and the public to take initiatives for the institutionalization of geriatrics in Greece.

03.08.2022 / 07:56

The picture regarding the Covid-19 epidemic is reportedly a blurry one due to the underreporting of cases of infections but deaths remain high and are increasing.

26.07.2022 / 15:46

At least one out of eight people who visited a health service in Greece recently had to make an under-the-table payment, known as a “fakelaki,” or “small envelope,” according to recent data.

14.07.2022 / 10:11

The Covid-19 pandemic is here to stay and its effects are expected to possibly worsen, according to government adviser Sotiris Tsiodras, an expert in infectious diseases.

12.07.2022 / 17:24

Residents of the Aegean islands suffering from neurodegenerative illnesses have had access to specialized health services for the past 16 months without having to leave their homes.

12.07.2022 / 10:42

A parliamentary committee will debate on Tuesday a draft law by the Health Ministry that aims at increasing the age limit from 50 to 54 for women seeking medically assisted reproduction and updating the rules for egg freezing (or oocyte cryopreservation), including by abolishing the requirement of spousal consent.