Prescriptions of the flu vaccines for this year’s flu season begin on October 1, with the process expected to unfold in tandem with the Covid-19 pandemic. 

15.09.2021 / 08:50

The suspension of unvaccinated doctors and other health workers in effect since September 1, meant as a warning and as an incentive to get inoculated, have resulted in personnel shortages across the public health system.

02.09.2021 / 08:28

Thousands of suspensions began as of Wednesday of workers in public health units who had not been vaccinated against Covid-19 within the deadline set by the government.

01.09.2021 / 08:16

With the deadline for the mandatory vaccination of health workers expiring on Wednesday, the Heath Ministry is preparing for an imminent “great exodus” of staff due to the suspensions that will ensue with a wide array of preemptive measures to fill the gaps and to ensure that services are fully operational.

23.08.2021 / 08:26

With the Delta variant of the coronavirus accounting for up to 85% of new cases, children appear to be playing a strong role in transmissions, prompting scientists to make a last-ditch appeal to unvaccinated parents to get their jabs “now, before schools open.”

21.08.2021 / 09:40

Health authorities are sounding the alarm regarding the rise in coronavirus cases in Attica, which has had a consistently high viral load despite the fact that a large number of its residents are away on holiday.

17.08.2021 / 20:00

The measures against staff and health workers at care centers for the elderly and the disabled that refuse to get vaccinated were activated on Monday after the deadline expired.

16.08.2021 / 08:14

Despite the relative lull in inoculation rates over the last 10 days or so, vaccination centers on many islands are busy administering shots to locals and holidaymakers alike.

12.08.2021 / 22:27

An application available for free for Android and iOS devices, which monitors the levels of air pollution and certain gases in real time, called RQuality, has been developed by a team of the European research program ICARUS, coordinated by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki’s Laboratory of Environmental Engineering and its director Dimosthenis Sarigiannis. People suffering […]

04.08.2021 / 10:51

Athenians smoked less and cut down on drugs such as heroin and ecstasy, while more cocaine, psychoactive drugs and dietary supplements were consumed during the first lockdown in spring 2020.

03.08.2021 / 12:22

The holiday month of August has brought with it a significant decline in the Covid-19 vaccination rate. Indicatively on Monday, about 45,000 vaccinations were administered nationwide.

29.07.2021 / 01:00

As highly contagious variants of the coronavirus continue to proliferate, talk of a third dose of the vaccine, starting with specific groups, is gaining momentum. 

26.07.2021 / 14:23

A staggering 95% of people with Covid-19 and 99% of patients at hospital intensive care units are unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated, according to latest data compiled by Greek health authorities.

23.07.2021 / 08:18

As lawmakers in Parliament Thursday evening passed the amendment for the mandatory vaccination of health and care workers, authorities sounded the alarm over a shift in the spread of the coronavirus noted in the past week, from the 20-25 age group to 40-60 year-olds.