Seven Moria refugees test positive for coronavirus, as migrants enter new camp


Seven refugees and migrants out of the 300 people who were tested for the coronavirus after entering the new transitory camp set up at the island's Kara Tepe Army firing range.

Two of them are among the 25 migrants who were found to be infected during a health check conducted before the burning of the large camp in Moria.

All seven were isolated in a separate area of the new camp created for coronavirus patients.

According to sources from the Migration Ministry, another 1,000 refugees and migrants will enter the new facility on Sunday after undergoing a health check.

Those entering the new camp are families and members of vulnerable groups who are registered with the authorities.

They then head to the UNICEF clinic – which also houses teams from the National Organization of Public Health (EODY) and the World Health Organisation – where they undergo a rapid diagnostic test for the coronavirus.

The results are available in 15 minutes. After the health check, they are led to tents which have been organised according to nationalities.