Ex-Marathon mayor freed on bail after testifying over deadly Mati fire


Former Marathon mayor Ilias Psinakis was released on Wednesday after posting a 20,000-euro bail payment following his testimony before a magistrate who is investigating the deadly fires that devastated parts of eastern Attica in July 2019, killing more than 100 people.

Psinakis is one of more 20 officials, including former Attica regional governor Rena Dourou and Greece’s former fire service and police chiefs, who are being called to testify as suspects for actions or omissions that led to the deaths.

In a written deposition, and several hours of testimony, Psinakis told the magistrate that all the necessary fire prevention measures had been taken and that no request had been made for the evacuation of his municipality during the fire.

His lawyer, Alexandros Lykourezos, said his client’s testimony was “exhaustive” and that he did not believe there were any signs of guilt.