Detainee’s phone puts chief warden in hot water


The chief warden of Nigrita Prison in Serres, northern Greece, has been suspended after a mobile phone that had been confiscated from a cell and was being kept in a special area of ​​the detention facility was found in the possession of a detainee. 

The phone, which was originally confiscated in January, was reportedly found a few days ago, during a cell search.

Sources told Kathimerini that the replacement process has already been initiated, while the Serres police and prosecutor investigate the case. A criminal probe has been launched against the former chief warden.

According to reports, there are suspicions that another seven confiscated mobile phones found their way back into detainees’ hands.

The officer had taken over as chief warden in June. Prison authorities had reportedly initially placed another employee in this position, but he had resigned two days after assuming the post.