Competitiveness and quality

The premier dubbed 2005 «the year of competitiveness,» saying that the increase in wealth produced would allow a greater share to go to society. We are creating a «competitiveness umbrella,» said Karamanlis, «which will spread out to cover all activities in the public and private sectors. «We are taking supportive measures to actively encourage a ‘quality revolution’ in the provision of goods and services. «Our aim is to make Greece more competitive, attract greater investment, create new jobs, and see dynamic development in the provinces. «The basic goal of our policy,» explained the prime minister, «is to increase wealth and distribute it more fairly. «There should be development in every sector of the economy and throughout the country. Development which respects the environment, workers and consumers – this is the road we have chosen. And we follow that road by a policy that can be summed up in three words: productivity, quality and competitiveness.»