Fugitive Golden Dawn official files for appeal, while still at large


Christos Pappas, the number two in the leadership of Golden Dawn who is evading arrest after he was convicted to 13 years in jail for his role in the neo-Nazi group, has appealed against the verdict, his lawyer said on Monday.

“An appeal was lodged against the conviction and thus, together with other appeals, the way is opened for the appellate court,” lawyer Periklis Stavrianakis said on behalf of his client.

Stavrianakis said he “still does not know” where Pappas is hiding. Asked whether he knows if the former Golden Dawn lawmaker intends to surrender to the police, he replied: “All decisions can be reviewed but so far I have no knowledge of a change of intent.”

Pappas last checked in with his local police station in the northern Athens suburb of Papagou on October 1, as he was obliged to do, but has not been seen since.

The rest of the former leadership of GD were lead to prison last week.