Downward trend in infections continues but experts advise caution


The downward trend in the daily rate of coronavirus cases continued on Monday, offering some relief to the country’s burdened national health system.

More specifically, 639 new cases and 62 deaths were announced, bringing the respective total infection and fatality tallies to 125,173 and 3,687. The number of intubated patients was 558 patients.

“The feeling is that we have a reduced number of cases compared to last week, an obvious decrease in new hospital admissions, and we may be seeing some first signs of stabilization regarding new intubations,” stressed Vana Papaevangelou, a professor of pediatric infectious diseases at Athens University.

She noted, however, the risk due to festive gatherings.

“Especially now that we have the hope of the vaccine ahead of us, we must be patient,” the professor noted, stressing the danger posed even by gathering in a non-ventilated area indoors for just one night.