Discussion on retail stores opening to start in first week of 2021, says Georgiadis


No decision has been reached as yet to extend the lockdown, according to Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis on Wednesday, who noted that the relevant data regarding the opening of retail stores will be discussed in the first week of the new year. 

“If we continue to do well, we will open in areas that infectious disease specialists tell us are free of the virus,” he told ANT1 TV.

“In the first week of the new year, we will study the data for the opening of retail trade,” he added, clarifying that restaurants are currently not under discussion as experts have ruled against them opening soon.

He also said that a video conference about ski resorts, which “have suffered a lot of damage,” was to take place on Wednesday.

Referring to click-and-collect and other measures, Georgiadis stressed that telephone orders have been introduced, in addition to electronic ones, “to help smaller stores and neighborhood shops, since these have been closed due to the coronavirus.”

He also stated that e-commerce is here to stay and that it is something positive.

“The fear that technology will lead to job losses has existed in every era but it has never been confirmed,” he said.