Inoculation program: Seniors aged 80-84 next in line for Covid jabs


As of Friday, people aged 80 to 84, which is the second priority group of the general population, will have the opportunity to schedule appointments for the vaccine against Covid-19.

The platform opens Friday at 6 p.m. for the planning of appointments of people of this age group, which concerns an estimated 417,000 people. Vaccinations will begin five days later.

Appointments can also be arranged through pharmacies and Citizens’ Service Centers (KEP).

Until Thursday afternoon, more than 123,000 vaccinations (1.13% of the population) had taken place.

Meanwhile Thursday, 509 new infections and 25 deaths were recorded, while 293 patients remained intubated. The capacity of intensive care units for Covid was 50% nationwide – 59% in Attica and 57% in Thessaloniki.