Civilian groups on Lesvos, Chios reiterate opposition to new migrant camps


Two civilian groups on the eastern Aegean islands of Lesvos and Chios have reiterated their opposition to the creation of new migrant facilities, saying they amount to nothing but “concentration camps” which are permanently altering the character of the islands.

The Coordinating Committee of Loutropoli Thermis on Lesvos and the Coordinating Committee of Chios Residents made particular reference to plans for the creation on Lesvos  – and specifically in Thermi – of a new center, in accordance with a relevant memorandum of cooperation between the government and the European Union.

“In practice this means the creation of a new ‘city,’ a camp of migrants and refugees… and the implementation of an agreement that promotes the nationally unacceptable, as well as dangerous and inhumane choices of the EU concerning the Aegean islands bordering Turkey, but also at Evros,” the committees said.

What the islands desperately need, they said, is funds for necessary projects and infrastructure. 

They called for the dismantling of migrant camps, saying the islands should serve only the purpose of identifying and registering migrants.