Teachers opting not to grade students, citing lack of data


Given the ubiquitousness of remote learning, many teachers are opting not to evaluate their students using grades for the first four months of the school year, choosing instead to give a descriptive assessment of their progress. 

The reason cited is the lack of necessary data that would allow them to draw the necessary conclusions.

This course of action is allowed if teachers can adequately substantiate their choice to educational authorities. Furthermore, if students do not complete more than 10 hours in a classroom, the case for descriptive assessments is seen to carry more credence. 

“Descriptive is, at the moment, the fairest way of scoring,” high school teacher Dora Kountoura told Kathimerini, reflecting the view that most students’ response to remote learning is quantitatively and qualitatively such as to raise doubts about the merits of grading.