New accusations of rape point to prominent actor, director


Accusations of rape were levelled at a prominent Greek actor and director on Monday, becoming the latest in a string of recent allegations of sexual misconduct in the acting and sporting worlds.

In the most recent case, the alleged victim pressed charges with the public prosecutor’s office of Athens, accusing the actor and director of violent sexual acts. The identities of both the complainant and suspect have not been made public pending an official investigation.

These new accusations are the latest in series of recent high-profile cases triggered last month when Sofia Bekatorou, an Olympic gold medallist in sailing, revealed that she had been sexually assaulted by a Hellenic Sailing Federation official.

In a related development on Monday, Bekatorou’s case was officially consigned to the archive as the incident was not covered by the statute of limitation.

While Bekatorou’s alleged assailant will not face any criminal charges, the case has inspired several women in the arts and sports to come forward with their own stories.