Two arrests over body in the park

In a case thought to have involved people-smuggling and extortion, two foreigners have been arrested and one more is being sought in connection with the discovery of a body in a western Athens park 11 days ago, police said yesterday. The victim has been named as 27-year-old Alzad Talukter from Bangladesh. He was found dead in Aegaleo Park on November 21. It is thought he was smuggled into the country and kept captive in a central Athens apartment while the three-member gang that arranged the man’s illegal entry demanded a 3,000-euro ransom from his brother, who lives and works legally in Greece, to set him free. This is a fairly common practice among people-smuggling gangs. As a result of the poor conditions in which he was held, Talukter is thought to have become seriously ill. He was consequently dumped in the park, where the coroner says he developed pulmonary edema due to the cold and died soon afterward. The two suspects’ nationalities and names were not released. Police have ascertained the identity of the third, who is still at large.