Hospital records point out domestic violence

Domestic violence is common in Greece, according to statistics collected by the Accident Research and Prevention Center (KEPPA). Clinics participating in the survey from 1996-1998 recorded 1.1 percent of women and 0.18 percent of men admitted for treatment stated that their spouse or partner had injured them. Another 541 women and 1,086 men (2 percent and 3.1 percent) said their injuries were caused by persons other than their partners. This study shows that domestic violence can be recorded if outpatient clinics register accidents, says Eleni Petridou, an assistant professor of epidemiology, speaking for KEPPA. But there are serious indications that the incidence of the problem is underestimated, due to psychological, cultural or social barriers. Primary care doctors are best placed to assist victims and there will be a two-day information session for them on domestic violence on September 19-20 at the Hygiene and Epidemiology building at Athens Medical School.