Housepainters regret ‘stupid’ bus hijacking

The two 24-year-old Albanians who hijacked a KTEL bus outside Athens last week, holding 23 people hostage for up to 19 hours, were remanded in Korydallos Prison yesterday pending trial. House painters Nzazi Resouli and Leonard Mouratatz, who immigrated to Greece over six years ago, have been charged with multiple counts of abduction and attempted homicide, bodily harm – for allegedly hurting a hostage who tried to escape – and firearms offenses. All the hostages were eventually released unharmed, while the hijackers, who had demanded a million-euro ransom and safe passage out of the country, surrendered to police following lengthy negotiations. Yesterday, Resouli apologized for the hijacking and called it a «stupid move.» Mouratatz also expressed remorse, and claimed that he had psychological problems.