Stylianidis: Some NGOs to be scrutinized anew

Where exactly will you use the money raised by public appeals? The money will be distributed in three ways: via the United Nations, the European Union and bilaterally with the countries affected. I would like to stress this third channel because Greece will offer money directly to the states affected, supporting non-governmental organizations involved in reconstructing the affected areas, and by sending material and services such as a cruise ship that will be adapted into a floating hospital. What guarantees are there that the money will reach those in need? As I just said, part of the aid will be given to the international organizations (UN, EU) that guarantee the effective use of the money, and the rest directly to the affected populations. However in each case our diplomatic service will be there to supervise and ensure the money is used well right down to the last euro provided by Greek citizens. Who will distribute the money? A special account will be set up in the Bank of Greece, in accordance with the law. Responsibility for forwarding money to the international organizations lies with the Foreign Ministry’s International Development Cooperation Service. Every move will be publicized immediately and anyone who wishes can have access to the procedures. Is there a broader coordination system, such as within the European Union, to plan the operation? The mobilization is at European and world levels. Aid will be distributed in two phases, first of all as emergency humanitarian aid for immediate needs, then for reconstruction of the affected areas. Some non-governmental organizations have been accused of providing anything but humanitarian aid. Will there be a review of their operations? We have already done so. We have set new, stricter conditions that guarantee support for properly set up, reliable and effective non-governmental organizations, doing away with opportunistic groups that in the past have sought to profit without offering any real aid. The new framework is ready and will soon be announced.