Steps should be taken now

Everyone has to assume part of the responsibility for the situation. The Athens Bar Association will put pressure on the Justice Ministry leadership not to take new measures, but to begin to enact some of those already instituted. We should not be waiting until we get funds from the European Union before we act. There is already the experience of the «Inclusive Society» program which has taught us that the programs within prisons should be ongoing. There should be permanent cooperation between bar associations, drug rehabilitation groups such as OKANA and Over 18, the state employment organization (OAED), medical associations and prisoner education groups in programs that could gradually be incorporated into and work in concert with existing prison services. Above all, the EPANODOS program should be reactivated. Along with the establishment of Ex-Prisoner Reception Centers in all towns, these will create a network under the Justice Ministry,and perhaps the Labor Ministry, to help prisoners individually and mobilize them, giving them information as to where and how to apply for work, and in general, to feel that their prison sentences are not lifelong.