‘Serial’ bank robber caught

Attica police are confident that they have caught a serial bank robber, nicknamed «the Eurobank thief,» after tracking him down yesterday following an armed holdup at a bank near central Athens. A senior officer told Kathimerini that the 33-year-old was probably responsible for robbing 35 branches of Eurobank in less than two years, as well as other banks. His arrest came after he allegedly held up a branch of the Bank of Cyprus on Syngrou Avenue. The thief made off on a stolen motorcycle with some 10,205 euros, $900 and 950 Cypriot pounds. The bike was abandoned in the southern neighborhood of Tavros but the suspect was later seen in nearby Neo Faliron riding as a passenger in a car. Officers arrested the man and the driver, 35, and found the money from the robbery, two weapons, a hand grenade, a bulletproof jacket and a small amount of heroin in the car.