Anarchists lash out at cars, stores

A group of about 50 youths went on a rampage outside the National Technical University in central Athens late on Saturday, throwing Molotov cocktail bombs and setting fire to parked cars and rubbish containers, police said yesterday. There were no reports of injuries. The youths, who had attended a gathering at the university, attacked the area a little after 9 p.m. as firefighters and riot police rushed to the scene. «They set fire to two cars and two rubbish bins. These fires then spread and caused most of the damage,» a firefighter told a television crew. The self-styled anarchists also threw rocks and smashed the windows of two store fronts. Police detained a few of the gang members but failed to make any arrests due to lack of evidence, authorities said. Most escaped the scene by running through the streets of the neighboring Exarchia area. Police and firefighters stayed in the area of the university for the remainder of the night in the event of a repeat attack.