Heritage days

Archaeologist Panayiotis Kabanis will analyze the waking state and the dream state of the Byzantine diet in his talk «The Symbolism of Byzantine Food for Dream Interpreters,» this Saturday at the Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki. His talk is part of a three-day celebration (September 23-25) of European Cultural Heritage Days dedicated to the theme of «Culture at the Table – Various Approaches to the History of Food.» The events start on Friday with a presentation of «Byzantine Food and Cookery» (the papers of a conference recently held by the museum) and an educational program on Byzantine food and utensils. The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki is putting on a dinner on Saturday at 9 p.m., after the conference papers, on eating habits from prehistoric to Roman times, and on Sunday in the atrium of the museum, Byzantine and other culinary specialties will be served.