Leftists attack French targets

A group expressing solidarity with a French far-left group has claimed responsibility for six firebomb attacks in Athens early Saturday, five on French car dealerships and one on the car of a French embassy attache. The blasts, targeting Renault and Citroen dealerships and destroying 26 cars, occurred almost simultaneously in various suburbs and central locations. A group called Revolutionary Solidarity Cells claimed responsibility for the blasts in a call to Mega television channel, expressing solidarity with French terrorist group Action Directe and warning of more attacks. The blasts came on the same day as French riot police stormed Paris’s Sorbonne University to remove protesting students. Last month, a series of attacks on French interests was claimed by a group expressing solidarity with Action Directe. The earlier blasts coincided with the 20th year in jail of three former members of the group, which planned several high-profile assassinations in France in the 1980s.