Right of self-determination

Modern ideas on minorities refer to the right of self-determination. Do you agree? According to the latest trends in minority law, belonging to a minority is a matter of choice. If an individual does not want and does not seek affirmative action to protect his diversity and if the principle of equality before the law is enough for him, this difference, this recognition of his difference, should not be imposed upon him. However, if a person or a group chooses the right to be distinguished as a member of a minority, then the state has to take some affirmative action to protect that diversity, whether regarding religion, language, culture or self-determination. The right of individual self-determination is the inalienable right of every individual, in accordance with recent modern concepts on minority and human rights. The minority in Thrace is described in the Treaty of Lausanne as a Muslim minority and this description should not be confused with the right of its members to describe themselves as they wish. The participation of some members of the minority in associations that describe themselves in a certain manner in no way signifies a change to the Treaty of Lausanne. I believe that in a united Europe, with its diversity of languages, cultures, nations, religions and traditions, the goal is co-existence.