Mass brawl at Crete resort

A violent confrontation involving some 50 British tourists in Malia, Crete, led to 10 people being detained and one person being hospitalized early on Saturday, police said. The trouble flared up when three Britons arrived at the resort’s medical center at 4.30 a.m. asking for help from doctors after their involvement in a skirmish, officers said. However, more than 40 other tourists from Britain, aged 18-25, soon gathered outside the medical center and tried to force their way into the building, throwing bottles and chairs, according to authorities. Police were immediately called to the scene and intervened to defuse the situation. They detained 10 people (nine men and one woman) and were looking to question another man who was taken to the hospital with slight injuries. Officers did not say how the man was injured and it was not immediately clear what had sparked the brawl.