Exarchia group attacks police

A group of some 30 suspected anarchists attacked five policemen in Exarchia, central Athens, late on Tuesday night, injuring and disarming one of the officers, police said yesterday. The youths attacked law enforcement with pieces of wood and rocks. The policemen had been guarding the work site for the metro station being built in Exarchia. Four of the officers managed to escape toward a larger group of riot police but one officer was caught and badly beaten by the attackers who also took his service revolver. No arrests were made. The policeman was taken to an army hospital where he is being treated with serious injuries. Authorities believe that the attack was carried out as a sign of opposition to the building of a metro station in Exarchia, which is a popular gathering point for self-styled anarchists. Youths vandalized the construction site a few days ago, setting fire to a large piece of machinery, police said.