‘Work is down 100 percent’

Dimitris Tsiberis has run the Tweety fast food and souvlaki outlet shop for nine years. «I studied abroad,» he explained, «but as my family had the business I returned to take over. It was good money and a secure job. In previous years during this period the shop was full, as apart from the students whole families came to find a house, to get their children settled in. This year work is 100 percent down. The students have been the city’s main focus of activity for the past few years. Now we can’t break even. There are many fast food outlets; only the best will survive. What bothers us is that the decision was taken without any dialogue and without anyone thinking that thousands of people here have to change their occupational orientation once again. I would like all the inhabitants of Kozani to fight so that the city becomes attractive to the students, so that it’s not their last choice because they can’t get in elsewhere.»