Money the students spend remains in the city

«Students are a good reason to open a business,» says bar-and-grill owner Anna Koutouki. «Kozani stands out because of the students who give the market impetus. At present, everyone who has a business is worried. It’s not surprising. The city has been hit hard as any money the students spend remains in the city. Kozani used to depend on factories, now that outlet is closed. Unfortunately we cannot do anything right now. «The new measure is not wrong. You can’t let someone who doesn’t pass get into the TEI. Instead though, whole schools from Athens could be moved here. Some kind of decentralisation could take place so as to support the city and the TEI. «The effects of the measure have not yet had an impact on our work. But if the number of students who come to study here continues to decline then it is certain that many shops will have to close.»