Sham travel agent sets up own trip to prison

A package holiday which offered five-day stays in luxury hotels in Paris and Prague, among other destinations, for just 299 euros sounded to good to be true – and it was, police in Athens said yesterday after arresting a man for fraud. The unnamed 26-year-old and an accomplice, who is wanted by authorities, advertised the vacations through a travel agency called «Best Ever.» The agency did not exist, officers said. The pair had allegedly hired students in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Iraklion and Larissa to sell the packages, offering a monthly salary of some 1,000 euros. Authorities were alerted to the scam after the owner of a printing firm reported the two men to the police. The pair had asked the printer to prepare 400,000 advertising leaflets and 20,000 posters for their operation but paid him with a dud check.