New metro line set to open soon

The metro extension from Monastiraki in central Athens to Aegaleo in the west of the city is on course to open in late spring, project managers told Kathimerini yesterday adding that many ancient relics found during the construction process will also go on display. The 4.3-kilometer stretch will connect Monastiraki station with three new stops – Kerameikos, Elaionas and Aegaleo. Test runs on the new line are due to begin in early April and the extension should open to commuters by early May, the technical director of the project, Michalis Ouranos, said. Construction work has been delayed by a series of ancient finds in Aegaleo. Ouranos said that saving the relics was the «biggest challenge» that the construction team faced during the project. A 30-meter-long section of the 5th century BC Iera Odos and other finds will go on display beneath a glass walkway at Aegaleo metro station which will have the largest collection of antiquities when the works are completed.