‘We are all judged in defeat’

I know you avoid answering hypothetical questions, but I’ll ask anyway: If PASOK loses the elections, will there be a leadership challenge? And I’ll answer you. I believe that whether a party wins or loses it should immediately reassess its views, its capabilities and its future responsibilities. You weigh up the positives and negatives, see what you are capable of and everyone draws their conclusions. In short, we are all judged in defeat, not only Papandreou. What are your political prospects? Do you think you have completed your cycle? Most of the goals I set at the start of my political career have been achieved. If you mean the right to and possession of office, I have no complaints. I have been a deputy for 25 years, more than 10 of them as minister. From now on, I shall try to be re-elected in my favorite region and I will be at the party’s disposal, active and available.