Murder charge for policeman

A prosecutor yesterday charged a policeman with murder and breaching the limits of self-defense in connection with the deadly shooting of a robber who had held up a fast-food store in Athens on Sunday. The unnamed anti-terrorist squad officer said he shot 33-year-old Eleftherios Drakos after the suspect pulled a gun on him. The weapon was not found because Drakos’s accomplice picked it up and ran off, according to the officer. It appears that the prosecutor was not convinced by the officer’s claim that he acted in self-defense. The officer and a colleague were having lunch at a Maroussi branch of the Everest fast-food chain when two armed men walked in and threatened staff. They made off with -250 but were chased by the off-duty officers. Both policemen claim they shouted for the robbers to stop but Drakos pulled out a gun, forcing the officer to shoot him twice in the face and shoulder. The other suspect escaped. Drakos had been linked to drug dealing and robbery offenses in the past, police said.