Demonstrations as seen by a Finn

When Beli Aouvinen, 26, from Finland, decided to apply for the Erasmus student exchange program, it didn’t take him long to decide which country to study in for six months. «I wanted to stay in Europe, but I wanted to get to know another culture. Where better than Greece? So, since September I’ve been attending classes at the Athens University of Economics and Business.» He didn’t know much about Greece, or about the Greek education system. «So I had no expectations, but I’m satisfied, everything’s OK. What impressed me were the demonstrations, At first I didn’t understand what was going on. In Finland, students are very quiet; we act very differently. On the other hand, I understand the students and their anxiety about the future of education in Greece. «I must say that in my country there are no private universities. But I think it’s just a question of time before they are established too. I don’t like the prospect but that’s the way we’re headed.»