Putting people off

There are 165 museums and collections in 52 prefectures of Greece. Some are reporting an increase in visitor numbers, especially since 2004, when many of them were renovated, while others are just surviving. Unfortunately there are still shortcomings, even in places that were smartened up for the Olympic Games in Athens. The Marathon Museum, for instance, is an interesting destination for a weekend trip, with a walk in the nearby Middle Helladic cemetery and the Early Helladic cemetery at Tsepi on the same route. But if you want a coffee or even water, you’d better take them with you. That, and the lack of sales outlets, places to rest and the often off-putting behavior of staff, who often behave rudely, all need serious attention from the Culture Ministry, Are these the things that put people off? Falling attendance at museums is a global phenomenon, «because museums are still not attractive,» explained Constantios, «A good exhibition or cafe is not enough. It’s everything that a museum has to offer.»