Tender for raising of cruise ship

A tender was announced yesterday for companies interested in bidding to pump fuel from the Sea Diamond shipwreck and raise the cruise liner that sank off Santorini more than seven months ago. The process was initiated as experts warned that the danger of pollution from the sunken vessel is growing. Theodoros Tsibidis, the head of the Institute of Marine and Environmental Research of the Aegean Sea, also known as Archipelago, told Kathimerini that in the ship there are a number of hydraulic and air-conditioning systems that contain toxic liquids. He also drew attention to hundreds of TV and computer screens in the vessel, which could leak other harmful substances, including arsenic. «It is vital that no further pollution is caused during the recovery process, possibly from the disintegration of parts that contain harmful components,» said Tsibidis. Firms have been given 20 days to submit their offer for raising the Sea Diamond and recovering more than 450 tons of fuel inside the vessel, which sank on April 6.