B&C will be landmark

Although it is a state museum with strict limitations imposed by its collections, the Byzantine and Christian Museum has made progress in recent years, thanks to the philosophy of its active director, Dimitris Constantios. From the exhibition of engravings and sculptures by Dali to the «Attempts at Applied Metaphysics» by Manolis Harou and Manolis Zacharioudakis, there have been fresh, lively efforts that the public has responded to. The museum also organizes tributes that highlight parts of its collection and are educational as well. Soon the surrounds of the museum, currently undergoing refurbishment, will be ready, with a new cafe in a 4-hectare space planted with trees that will be a landmark on the museum mile. The problems facing the Byzantine and Christian Museum stem from its being state-run. It closes every day at 3 p.m. At many exhibitions, numerous guards huddle together, idle. The shop could do with a revamp. To do even better in the future, the museum needs decoupling from the bureaucratic regime that hampers decision-making and proper staff evaluation.