Country braces for cold snap

Most of the country is expected to be affected by extremely cold conditions this weekend with snow expected tomorrow in many parts of Greece, including Athens, as temperatures could drop to a 100-year low. The National Meteorological Service said there will also be winds reaching 10 Beaufort, particularly in eastern Greece, and below-zero temperatures. Government officials said that state emergency services will be on standby through the spell of bad weather, which is likely to last until Monday. People should limit their travel plans over the weekend, while those that still need to make short journeys should take extra care, officials added. Municipal officials, particularly in northern Athens, have prepared the necessary equipment to clear roads of the snowfall. Temperatures in Athens today are expected to range between 3 Celsius (37 Fahrenheit) and 8C (46F), while weather conditions in the northern city of Thessaloniki are forecast to hover between 0C (32F) and 2C (36F).