Will it mean constant surveillance?

Greece has not yet seen major penetration of computers and the Internet, but analysts in the industry and at the university agree that this will change with the arrival of the next generation of cell phones and the new high-speed networks that enable mobile computing. Soon cellphones will look more like palm computers than the old phones. «We’ll see applications such as locative advertising, social networking on the spot and much more, which will confront us with new questions,» said Haritos. Asked what meaning personal data and privacy will have in the coming phase, Haritos and his team do not yet have answers, but that’s why they want to take their experiments further. «We’re entering an era where we will all have the means and the ability to monitor others and intervene in their lives. Are new laws needed? Should some technologies be subsidized? I don’t know, but for sure the answer is not to abstain from the development of technology,» he said.