Clinic probed over baby bug

An Athens prosecutor yesterday ordered an investigation into why 10 babies born at the capital’s Aretaieion hospital within the past month suffered rectal bleeding believed to have been caused by the same bowel-inflaming disease. The Aretaieion maternity clinic is to remain closed until Monday for disinfection. Meanwhile a prosecutor will try to determine whether any hospital staff bear any responsibility for the infants displaying symptoms of necrotizing enterocolitis, a relatively rare gastrointestinal disease affecting prematurely born babies. All 10 babies were in good health yesterday and two were discharged from the Aghia Sofia and Aglaia Kyriakou hospitals to which they had been transferred, doctors said. One infant that underwent surgery was reportedly doing well. Tests have failed to reveal any bacteria that may have caused the infection. Additional checks are being conducted on the hypoallergenic milk fed to the infants.