Tranquillity on Leipsoi

Giorgos Tsoukalas, 45, moved to Leipsoi last June and will stay there at least three years. He’s a doctor. «I chose Leipsoi because it’s close to Kalymnos, the island I come from,» he said. «I’m used to living in remote areas, because I’ve worked on Patmos, Amorgos and Irakleia. «I like Leipsoi. It’s a lovely little island, especially in summer. It’s pretty lonely in winter but I can go to Kalymnos whenever I please and see my family, and they can come here. Public transport is a problem, but there’s a ferry twice a week for Piraeus. «Everyday life isn’t easy but there are other benefits. The pace of Athens used to tire me, whereas I like the peace and warmth of the island. I have good relations with the people here; I know them all and they know me. There are two or three bars, and for something quieter there’s fishing, which I like a lot.»