Debt-harried hospital supplier found hanged

A 52-year-old sales representative for a medical supplier in the Cretan port of Irakleion, found hanging in his office in the city center on Tuesday, is believed to have been driven to despair over massive debts owed to his firm by hospitals. The father-of-one was found on Tuesday afternoon by his wife who became concerned after he had failed to come home and went to his office. She found him hanging from a noose fashioned out of a length of cable. Police found a suicide note but cited sources who claimed that the man’s debts were in excess of six million euros. A colleague of the 52-year-old said many suppliers were in serious trouble due to the failure of state and private hospitals to pay for deliveries. «Many hospitals delay payments to such an extent that firms are obliged to apply to banks for loans to cover their debts,» he said.