Burned Larco worker 3rd to die in a month

A worker who suffered serious burns in a furnace explosion at the mining and metallurgical company Larco in Larymna, central Greece, in late August, died of his injuries yesterday, becoming the third Larco employee to die of a work-related accident in just over a month. Yiannis Papaconstantinou, whose age was not revealed, had been helping four colleagues prepare to empty molten ore from a cauldron on August 26, when the receptacle cracked and spattered them with blazing liquid metal. A 25-year-old colleague of his sustained fatal burns in the accident. A few weeks previously, a 36-year-old factory worker died of severe burns at the same site, when a wagon transporting molten mineral ore toppled off its tracks. Six Larco managers have been suspended pending an investigation at the factory site.